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Sugar Coated Coma and Wedding Cupcakes!

15 May

This post may seem a little off,


Because it’s not often we talk about 24 boxes of powdered sugar.

Or the fact that I have enough vegetable oil to drive to china..

Can you drive to China?


Oh and there is butter…

Probably enough butter to make you as big as China.

Or about the same amount of butter Mrs. Dean adds to her mashed potatoes…

Either way, Big as China.

Which is how I feel after this weekend. No, I didn’t just call it quits and say ‘Forget This’ when it comes to living healthy and add a stick of butter to my morning smoothie…

(Would that even taste good? I dunno, ask Mrs. Dean)

I actually had a purpose to this madness..

A purpose of about 200 cupcakes AND a wedding cake!

And for two days every time I opened my fridge I found this…


THEN, only to shut the fridge, and have the rest of THIS bad boy screaming ‘Eat Me Now you Sissy La La!’

No thank you, this carrot taste delicious!

Baby Boo was probably the hardest to contain self control. Every time I turned around , she tried to sneak a snack in here and there..

Like mama’ like daughta’

And…Actually to be truthful, I wasn’t the least bit tempted to eat every single cupcake..I was too sick from testing batters and frostings, that the thought of sugar made me want to..

Eat a carrot..

And I technically wasn’t allowed to since the cupcakes weren’t all for me..:)


They were how ever for some really great friends of ours who got married this weekend! I was SO nervous to bake for a wedding..Not something I had ever done!

But I think everything turned out pretty good..

It was one of the most beautiful weddings I had ever seen. Every single touch was handmade and done by the family, or someone that the family was close with.

It made everything very special and very personal.

Even the hubby and I(besides making the cake) got to be apart of the wedding..

Baby Boo’s dress was AlMoSt as poofy as the brides…


But she most definitely won the Biggest Flower on the Head prize.

We even got to sit at the ‘Big Kids’ Table since we were apart of the wedding party…

And to think he is 5 years older than me 🙂


It was a beautiful day despite the 4 hours of sleep and Frosting tid bits strewed about my bangs.

I am much more relaxed knowing I was able to accomplish such a great task!

As for now I am starting a two week detox tomorrow. I’ll give the details more later, but what I can tell you is that Chocolate is NOT included…

I think I just shed a tear..

Also coming up is a no fail no boredom treadmill routine and some great Mama and Baby Workouts, along with a bunch of other random goodies 🙂

Have a great rest of your weekend my little cupca…

Wait..I am definitely not going to finish that word..

Bleh! Too soon…

Chocolate Peanut Butter & Ganache Birthday Cake

11 May

What happened to the days when we were kids and all we did was play and run around?

We would  ride our bikes, play games, sports, you name it…

We were active.

Then, I guess somewhere in time we grew up. We got jobs, we met boys, we were busy with school, and the term ‘play’ only happened a couple times of year when we had vacation.

Some of us continued to stay active, working out after classes and jobs, and even keeping active in other recreational activities…but that slowly disappeared when real life hit us smack in the face with families and kids.

Then the time we used to keep active simply went to diaper changing, taking care of kids, and making dinner..

And then before you know if your here:

And those once used often running shoes sit in the corner of the floor…

Alone. Abandoned. Stinky.

And then we do silly things like buy new workout clothes, because we think it will motivate us to get back into the swing of things…

When in reality instead of sweating it out on a nice run outside, it’s stuck being worn indoors mopping floors, that are coated in powdered sugar.

Powdered sugar that was used to make 300 of these,

And then this, which has been staring at me in the face all day!

Hubby’s Birthday Cake. Peanut Butter Chocolate Ganache Cake to be exact.

Every time I walk by I want to face plant right in and inhale its delicious goodness..


The every day hustle and bustle of life has a way of pushing important priorities to the side because there simply isn’t time.

Time to exercise is what I am talking about.

I wasn’t always one of those people that would say, “I don’t have time to work out.”

I would simply think, “Well, make time!”

But now with every day responsibilities, I find myself finally sitting down at 930 at night thinking..”Where did the day go by. I didn’t even accomplish half of what I wanted to…

And if there is something I have learned with exercise and being a Mama, is that It’s harder to focus on ME when my life/my whole day is spent focusing on everybody else. How can I possibly take time out for me, when I have a million things to get done at home?


If there is one thing you should know it’s that Mama=Sacrifice.

Sometimes sacrificing showers, makeup, new clothes, clothes with out Boo Doo Doo, time with your husband, time with friends, meals, exercise…etc..

Sacrificing HouseWives of O.C and staying up until 12 to watch it, just so I can get up in the morning to go work out.


Sacrificing computer time so I can accomplish what really needs to be done, so I can have time to exercise.

Sacrificing for a purpose to make time. Take a look at your life and find where you could make adjustments to fit time in for you. You will be happier, a better mother, a better wife, and a great example to those around you.

BUT…Remember. Some days are better than others..

Some days, your baby or hubby is sick..

Or your baking 200 cupcakes and making a wedding cake for saturday…

And somedays, your Italian Stalion Juice Head Guido of a Hubby is celebrating his 27th birthday…

Sometimes…Exercise may have to be sacrificed…

For cake.

Because, there is nothing wrong with living a little.. 🙂

Especially when it involves Chocolate and Peanut butter…

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting & Chocolate Ganache


*Chocolate Cake-Recipe HERE. The only difference I made was add 1/4 cup peanut butter into the batter. I then baked accordingly, except dividing batter into 3 different pans, so I would have 3 layers.*

*Peanut Butter Frosting*


1 cup Butter(room temp)

1/2 cup Peanut butter

1 TB Vanilla

3-5 Tb Heavy Whipping Cream

4-5 cups Powdered sugar


1. Beat room temp butter and Peanut butter until Creamy. Add about 4 cups of powdered sugar, vanilla, and 3 TB whipping cream and beat until combined and creamy. Batter will be pretty thick. Add more whipping cream to reach desired consistency. If you think it could use more powdered sugar, go ahead and add it, but u might have to increase the whipping cream.

*Chocolate Ganache*


2 cups Dark chocolate chips

1 cup Heavy whipping Cream


Over a double Broiler, melt chocolate and cream until combined and creamy. Set aside for about an hour.

**Cake Assembly**

1. Start with one layer of cake. Spread some PB frosting to coat top of Layer, then add about 1/4 cup or so of ganache and coat top of frosting. Add second layer of cake, and repeat with frosting and ganache. Add third layer and coat entire cake with peanut butter frosting. Then Drizzle ganache all over cake, then with a spreading spatula, blend ganache with PB frosting, to make a marble looking effect, like so…

Store in cool air tight container. If in the fridge, the ganache will harden like a candy bar.

This cake should probably come with a warning label.


One bite with this cake, and you will most likely go into a foodgasmic coma…

If your anything like me, you will ask Hubby to wish that his birthday could happen once a week, just so we could eat this cake…

He wished for something else…

Sometime I most likely won’t share..

Notice that half the cake is missing?

Gym Time anyone?

Bridal Showers and Giveaway Winner!

2 May

There are certain words in our vocabulary that have opposites.

For example…

Smelly and Not Smelly

Happy and Not Happy

Tired and Not Tired


Martha Stewart and Not Martha Stewart.

OK, so maybe I struggle when it comes to the correct antonyms, (p.s. I just had to look that word up), but if there was a correct word for the opposite of Martha Stewart it would be Ari.

Doubt all you want but I have your pretty little selves fooled with my Cupcakes and my pretty pictures. Looks can be deceiving, and behind my camera lens photographing an oh so pretty Glass filled with blended greens, is a mom wearing grey sweats.

Grey sweats are the no no of all sweats..Not too mention my bright yellow gym shirt and unshaved underarms to go along with the oh so not flattering grey sweats. Grey Sweats that were not purchased at Victoria’s either.

And although these sweats should be kept secret, they are far too worn through out my daily activities. Like trips to the grocery store. Luckily for me people look at my cute Baby Boo, and ignore  that I may in fact be a homeless person walking around with an adorable baby…

But that is besides the point.

What I am trying to get at here is that I am nowhere near good ol’ Martha, but I can sure pretend to be. That’s why I was super excited to throw a Bridal Shower for one of my good friends this weekend. First party I have ever thrown. (Wow-looser?)

Let’s just say I definitely cute-sified it for sure 🙂

There were flowers and butterflies everywhere. This shower had to be 100% girly…No if’s and or Booty’s.

And I wasn’t about to skimp on food either, especially since I knew I wasn’t feeding my husband, and I had to do more than frozen tacquitos.

Fizzy Lemon Drink

4 large bottles sparkling water-lemon flavored

1 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice

1/2 cup honey/agave

sugar, lemon zest


In a saucepan heat fresh squeezed lemon juice and honey until honey becomes melted. Remove from heat and pour into a separate bowl and let cool. Once ready to serve drinks, mix honey and lemon mixture with bottles of sparkling water. Take classes and run a lemon around the edge and dip in sugar and lemon zest.

We also had chips and guacamole, which I think is a must have at every party…Probably because I can’t contain my self when it comes to those little triangles of goodness..and that green mush..DELISH!

For the guacamole recipe, I used the one I ALWAYS use from The Pioneer Women.

Guacamole Recipe Here

I also had a Whole Grain Vegan Carrot Cake Loaf

The most MOIST loaf cake I have ever had. No Butter. No eggs. No Big Booty.

And I wish I could take credit for the recipe, but I can’t. It is too amazing. All credit goes to the amazing Angela from OhSheGlows.

You can find that amazing recipe HERE, and thank her, and I, later 🙂

For our main entrée we had a Curry Chicken Salad which I definitely plan to re-create using healthier ingredients. But my husband tried it, as well as the guest and said it was delicious!

For the Curry Chicken Salad recipe, you can find it HERE.

(Notice I don’t have alot of pictures of the food…Well I felt weird taking a bunch of pictures with everyone there. haha. “Umm Ari, why are you taking a picture of those rolls?”

We also had a salad, which I made, meaning basically threw a bunch of delicious things in a bowl and called it good.

Here is what was in it: Baby Greens, Black Berries, Pears, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Goat Cheese, Pecans, and a vinegar dressing.

Then dessert consisted of the following;

Cake Pops for the guest to take home.

Oreo Cake Pops to be exact. My husband ate about 75 of these. He said they were ok… 🙂

And then behold…


You wouldn’t guess it, but there are avocados in the top portion.

Kind of Reminds me of a certain food I once ate.


Whole Wheat and natural Ingredients. So if Your going to indulge, this is a perfect way to do so.

And again, I can’t take credit for this.

Flippen Angela and her AMAZING talent 🙂

For the Vegan Chilled Double Chocolate Torte Recipe go HERE.

Overall we had a fun time. We did the usual make the wedding dress out of TP, and other silly games which every body secretly loves to play.

Mini flower Bouquet our of TP?! Genius!!

And along with everything else, I found time to even get a little crafty.

Want to know what you can do with an empty bottle of canola oil??

Simply Wrap that ‘brown yarn stuff'(what is it called lol) while hot glueing every so often, and eventually you will get a vase!

Cute? 🙂


I have dragged this on LOOONG enough. We all know why your reading this post..

Because you want to see who won My GIVEAWAY!!

AM I right?? 🙂

Ok, here it goes..

The winner of the FIRST giveaway EVER is:

Kate Horning from A Healthy Passion!

Kate is a super cute girl with an awesome blog, so I suggest you check her out ASAP 🙂

As for you Kate, send me your info in an e-mail:!

An additional thanks to all those who entered, because I loved reading everything you guys said about what you loved about YOU!

And I will be doing giveaways in the future so don’t be sad 🙂 I want each and every one of you to WIN!

Thanks loveys! Now if you will excuse me, I’ve got a pair of grey sweats of Chocolate Torte Cake calling my name 🙂

Drool Worthy Recipes

18 Apr

Lat night my husband and I attended a wedding! And they had a photo booth.

Photo Booth’s at weddings are the best idea! 🙂

Now THAT is one hotty!

Being that we have had somewhat of a busy weekend, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite recipes from previous post back, as well as recipes I have spotted all through out the blog world that make my taste buds to crazy!

Let’s begin with some previous post!

1. Goat Cheese Stuffed Black Bean Burgers

(There is also an amazing Turkey Burger recipe on this post as well)

2. THE MOST AmAzInG pudding EVER!

3. Crispy Peanut Butter Bars

4. Peanut Butter Balls

5. Strong Green Drink

6. Salt & Vinegar Kale Chips

7. Black Bean, Quinoa, and Sweet Potato Boats

8. Sweet Potato Cupcakes with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting 

9. E.B.T.K.S. Banana Scramble


10. Double Chocolate Walnut Almond Butter

11. Healthy S’mores Milkshake (Along with a S’mores Green Drink & Schmall recipe too!)

12. Hearty Whole Grain Basil Bread

13. Peanut Butter Oatmeal and Strawberry Parfait

14. Cherry Chocolate Milk Shake

15. Chocolate Tarts

16. Grilled Lemony Dill Veggie Sammy

Check them all out!

And…here are some recipes through out the inter web that caught my eye:

1. Averi from Love Veggies and Yoga: Peanut Sauce Baked Tofu

2. Angela from Oh She Glows: Spring Chick Cupcakes

3. Jessica from How Sweet It Is: Dark Chocolate Blueberry Muffins  

4. Sarah from Peas and Thank You: Mmmm Sauce 

5. Peas and Crayons: What I ate Wednesday Link Party 

6. Helen from Helen Naturally: Berry Cherry Buckwheat Bake 

7. Katie from Chocolate Covered Katie: Breakfast Polenta 

8. Alaina Rose from Everyday Sweetness: Mega omega Granola 

9. Jenny from Fit Girl Foodie: Casein Pudding 

10. Of Plates and Palates: Spinach Turkey Sliders Stuffed with Pepper Jack Cheese 

11. Jess from Healthy Exposures: Blueberry Dressed Chickpeas and Grain

12. Maryea from Happy Healthy Mamma: Eat Yo’ Greens Soup 

Some of these might make you drool…

Just warning you 🙂


If there is a recipe you want me to link up here on ThE DiVa DiSh, send me an e-mail (, and I’ll gladly do so 🙂

Garden Party Cupcakes

13 Mar

There is something seriously wrong when your fridge is full…

Full of tubs of homemade frosting that is.

And it’s not that I just made frosting for the heck of it, just so I could dip my face finger every time I open the fridge.


I most definitely didn’t make frosting just for that reason…

Or whatever…

Actually those tubs of frosting are left overs. Left over from the 48 cupcakes and 2-two layer cakes that I made this weekend.

Now those were just for the heck of it.

Ok I lied. I half lied. Half of those cupcakes were for the heck of it…and for my butt. Because it really needs it. Especially frosting. Does wonders for bootays.

The other half was for others.

You see, I am extremely lucky that others will tolerate and support my hobby. I love to bake and to decorate,  Cupcakes more than cakes. They are just smaller…and easier. And when the opportunity arises for me to decorate cupcakes for someone… I get a little giddy.

Especially when it’s a girly theme cupcake.

So much funner 🙂 (yes funner is a word)

These cupcakes were for a 1st birthday, the theme being a garden party. I used gum paste for the flowers and and butterfly, and green pearl sprinkles. Oh, and luster dust. I love luster dust.

And I love sprinkles. If you really knew how many sprinkles I had stuffed in Baby Boo’s closet…

Hubby knows. He reminds me often.

He doesn’t complain when he’s eating them.

True love folks.

Anyways, I just wanted to share with you my hobby. I love it. It makes me happy. It keeps me sane.

And I love leftovers.

And so does my butt.

Mom’s just don’t get sick days

5 Mar

Mom’s don’t get sick days.

There is no boss for her to call up and say “I won’t be coming in today.”

She can’t lay in bed all day and watch Housewives of Miami, and then wish she had tan legs instead of white unshaved ones.

She most definitely couldn’t take the hottest bath that only a dragon could tolerate, thus turning her white hairy legs into bright red, burnt off hairy legs…

And she is quite positive she couldn’t take long long naps either…to the point where she doesn’t remember where she is or what time it is.

Because, you see…

Mom’s just don’t get sick days…

That is unless you have a knight in shining armor. One who would much rather spend his day off relaxing and catching up on some zzzz’s from his 4 in the morning internship.

Instead, this knight in shining armor teaches your Baby Boo to climb up the stairs..

And this knight in shining armor is more than a teacher, he’s a cook as well.

He prepares wonderful meals of applesauce and oatmeal, and airplanes them in to a very picky Baby Boo’s mouth..

And that knight in shining armor is also a pleaser.

Because he knows that your Baby Boo doesn’t really like foods of any sort, so instead of making matters worse, he gives her what makes her happy..

A dishcloth.

And then the knight will wonder how his Baby Boo is related to his princess…

Because his princess is a major lover of food. In fact the day before his princess got sick she spent the afternoon baking…

…and then consuming leftovers…

Then this knight in shining armor realizes his princess is probably very regretful of her ridiculous amount of sugar consumption, do to the fact she hasn’t left the bathroom floor.

But he would never remind her of this..

Because he is also smart…

And as his princess lays upstairs regretting every decision of food consumption in the past year, she thinks about the one thing that def most totally could not have made her sick…because it was too delicous..

Choco Cherry Green Drink

Blended together until smooth: 1 cup coconut milk, 2 cups spinach, 2/3 cup frozen cherries, 1 frozen banana, chocolate protein powder, and ice.

And then as the evening comes to an end, and that mom’s sick day seems to have a light at the end of the tunnel, she kisses her knight in shining armor thanking him for saving her from a day of added stress and misery.

And when she looks into his eyes that knight in shining armor will no longer have a “shine” about him, but a mere “Pale” look. That mom will ask him what’s wrong, and that “Pale” prince will look at his princess and say…

“Sorry my princess, but I am not going to be able to come in today…

I’m calling in sick”

Hamburger Cupcakes

8 Feb

Did you watch the superbowl?

I can honestly say…I was extremely looking forward to it!




More importantly…

LAST game of the season.

I like…sports?…I do. It’s just that after a while..I’m over them. Especially when it feels like Hubby has a “special” connection to each football team there is..

Which means..

We MUST watch every game!

So when I heard that the superbowl was coming up, a friend and I threw a little party. The men thought it was a “Superbowl” party…

But the women knew the truth…”I can’t wait to have my husband back party!”

So when the big day came..

Everyone mingled, and shouted and cheered, and us ladies were sent in the kitchen to feed our starving husbands. We tried hard to put all our little girly efforts into making the party “cute,” but try and tell your husband you need to decorate and photograph his food before he can eat it.

Dipped Strawberries that were “supposed” to look like footballs…

NOT gonna happen.

That’s ok, because we were able to make these AdOrAbLe hamburger cupcakes!

They were super simple to make. Just cut a vanilla cupcake in half, place a brownie(patty) in the middle, add frosting, and ViOlA!

My cousin made these cute Sugar cookie “Fries” to go along with the Hamburgers:


(Want better instructions? Click HERE)

I think all hamburgers should be made this way =]

Now I just want you to know…

I didn’t just throw on an apron and cook all day. I watched some of the game.

Enough to know Christina must be embarrassed, some of the commercials were funny, Half time show..MEH, and that the team that we were all rooting for…


What’s that you say..??

There’s a basketball game on??


Teal & Pink Cupcakes

4 Dec
Recently I visited a baking store in town, just to spend money see what they had, and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I noticed they carried these:
No, not drag queens.
Although I’m assuming they would like these too.
They are edible silver balls for decorating cakes/cupcakes etc.
My mom, who was separated from Martha Stewart at birth, always had these around the holidays. She would put them on her Christmas cookies, and it added a beautiful touch.
Recently we have been looking for them everywhere, until now!
DRAG QUEENS…I mean DRAGEES for everyone!!
I love those little balls so much, they helped inspire me for my next cupcake project.




Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese frosting, pink flower, and silver pink dragee.



Marble Cupcake with Double Dutch Chocolate frosting, teal flower, and teal dragee.



And then I learned a valuable lesson.
One thing you may not know about me is that I LOOOVE cooking shows.
Top Chef Just Desserts!..WHAT WHAT!
When I first got married, my husband worked at Nordstrom’s.
He worked so many hours, I was alone alot…It was terrible!
( Besides the employee discount =] )
So I found a way to make the days/nights go faster.
I watched cooking shows, and baked and cooked alot.
(I know what your thinking. I sat on my butt in front of the TV, and then I ate lots of food. No I wasn’t depressed OR eating my feelings. And No I didn’t gain 500 pounds. I got close though)
Anyways,  I learned alot of valuable lessons.
Problem was…
I tend to not like being told what to do, and I’m sure my dad would agree. But one thing I remember the chefs always saying was that food taste SO much better when you use high quality ingredients.
I didn’t believe them at first, but as time grew, I realized they were RIGHT. Dangit!
And today, that realization slapped me in the face again.
Meet the most amazing chocolate frosting I have ever made:



All because I used a high quality cocoa powder. I bought it online, and it tasted AMAZING.
Ghiradelli didn’t even COMPARE =]
So if I teach you anything, it’s that, the quality of the ingredients you use DOES make a difference.
Now if you will excuse me, I have a bowl of frosting to eat.

Getting Started & Major Fails

15 Nov
Decorating cakes/cupcakes wasn’t always a talent of mine.
I would say that it took many a tries to convince myself I was good enough to share my talent with others. (Although I still feel I am FAR from good…I have definitely improved)
It started off when I stumbled upon a well known website of Bakerella
(For those of you who DON’T know who she is, you MUST check her out)
I was just a little newlywed bride who wanted to please her sweet hubby with delicious treats from the oven when he arrived home from work. I really struggled when it came to REAL food, so my obsession love for chocolate was really the only thing I felt comfortable working in the kitchen with.
I began getting ideas from websites, such as Bakerella, and began to play around. Luckily for me I had a trusty taste tester, hubby, who put up with many a baked goods. It was only a matter of time before our meals of chicken and veggies, turned into cookies and milk.
My obsession grew bigger, and I decided to try decorating, because if I wanted to give away my desserts, they had to look presentable. So I took upon my self to take a cake decorating class. It was a series of 4, and well…I only lasted till 1. This is what I came home with on the first day of class:

Obviously I went frosting happy. If you can’t tell that blob of frosting on top of that cake is a cupcake, and those little blobs next to the cup cakes are hearts. I don’t think I went back out of fear of embarrassment.  Let’s just say the teacher told me mine was, “nothing she had ever seen.” MEH! What does she know?!
But I thought, if I am going to get better I have to keep on trying. Halloween was around the corner, and I wanted to take cupcakes to a party we were going to.
It looked like a bat crossed with a buck tooth fanged silver beaver.
Cute, if your into that sort of thing =]
I decided that maybe I should take it easy on the whole DeCoRaTiNg thing, and maybe start of simple. Learn the basics, before you jump into something your not ready for.
So I just started with simple piping.
Writing names and learning flowers.
And then I began to just mess around. 
 My cupcakes didn’t always look the greatest, but I didn’t give up.
(AWEE how sweet)
Even if I went frosting happy every so often.
Each time I baked it offered up a new challenge to me. 
And with each time I got a “Little” better.
And now I am here. I taught my self everything I know, and I am POSITIVE my techniques would SHOCK a pastry chef since they are OOH so wrong. You see,  I’m learning. Forgive me if my recipes need tweaking, or my decorating looks like your 12 year old brother did it. I still don’t know what I am doing and probably never will. 
But I hope you enjoy my journey with me. I plan to blog about other things than cupcakes, if you were getting bored =]
As for now, I am off to bed. I think I will dream of a warm summer vacation, because I OH SO BADLY need a tan. This winter weather makes me pasty.
Sweet dreams
(no pun intended)

Rubber Ducky Cupcakes and Turkey Runs

8 Nov
Remember these?
Well, here is the end result:

Ignore the ugly cupcake wrappers. I had super cute paper ducky wrappers that wrapped around the outer edge of the cupcakes, but I ordered them online, and the picture was different then the end result. Don’t you hate that!

Quack Quack…
On a side note…
Thanks giving is coming up and even though it’s a holiday focused on EaTiNg more than our own body weight (guilty), I was thinking about participating in a turkey run. I have been doing research, and their are ton that donate money for others in need. What a better way to spend thanksgiving…
SO, hubby if your reading this, we are participating in a 5k…maybe 10k…run on thanksgiving =]
Love ya bye!