Hamburger Cupcakes

8 Feb

Did you watch the superbowl?

I can honestly say…I was extremely looking forward to it!




More importantly…

LAST game of the season.

I like…sports?…I do. It’s just that after a while..I’m over them. Especially when it feels like Hubby has a “special” connection to each football team there is..

Which means..

We MUST watch every game!

So when I heard that the superbowl was coming up, a friend and I threw a little party. The men thought it was a “Superbowl” party…

But the women knew the truth…”I can’t wait to have my husband back party!”

So when the big day came..

Everyone mingled, and shouted and cheered, and us ladies were sent in the kitchen to feed our starving husbands. We tried hard to put all our little girly efforts into making the party “cute,” but try and tell your husband you need to decorate and photograph his food before he can eat it.

Dipped Strawberries that were “supposed” to look like footballs…

NOT gonna happen.

That’s ok, because we were able to make these AdOrAbLe hamburger cupcakes!

They were super simple to make. Just cut a vanilla cupcake in half, place a brownie(patty) in the middle, add frosting, and ViOlA!

My cousin made these cute Sugar cookie “Fries” to go along with the Hamburgers:


(Want better instructions? Click HERE)

I think all hamburgers should be made this way =]

Now I just want you to know…

I didn’t just throw on an apron and cook all day. I watched some of the game.

Enough to know Christina must be embarrassed, some of the commercials were funny, Half time show..MEH, and that the team that we were all rooting for…


What’s that you say..??

There’s a basketball game on??


2 Responses to “Hamburger Cupcakes”

  1. thelissuh February 12, 2011 at 5:23 pm #

    Your hamburger cupcakes are so cute! Isn’t Bakerella the best?!

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